Experts of labour law working at “MP” Law Firm provide practical and customised solutions for legal labour relationships. The Firm’s lawyers have substantial experience in drawing up employment contracts and various internal legal acts of employers (for example, internal company regulations, rules on confidentiality). We provide assistance in resolving various labour disputes, which includes issues related to termination of labour relationships and reinstatements, inter alia, we regularly represent parties in pre-trial procedures and litigations that are linked to legal employment relationships. “MP” Law Firm has been the advisor on issues of legal employment relationships to numerous prestigious and recognisable employers for many years.

He clients of our law firm “MP” who faced a variety of employment problems ranged from small domestic companies to large global businesses.  In addition, we have assisted employers in designing benefits and long-term incentive packages for employees in line with applicable requirements of domestic and international employment, tax, pension and securities laws.

Our principal practice areas within employment and labour law include:

• Executive and employment contracts
• Secondments
• Employee stock and cash based incentive plans
• Executive hiring and termination issues
• Discrimination and equal employment opportunity
• Non-compete and non-solicitation arrangements in labour relationships
• Social security obligations
• Trade union and labour relations
• Collective agreements
• Individual and collective redundancies
• Workplace safety
• M&A and corporate control changes
• Immigration and work permit issues
• Employment law litigation